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Discussion on: Evolution of My Personal Site

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jess unrein

I used to have a wordpress blog on WPEngine that I was constantly begging my friends to "guest contribute" to, but that was way too much work and not very rewarding, in retrospect. I've also tried various versions of creating my own minimal Flask app, or using Jekyll for putting out content. At this point my personal site is just a link dump of content elsewhere on the internet (like :) ), and I'm pretty happy with that being the case. I hate the design of my site, but I'm no designer. I think I'm going to hire one of my talented designer friends to help me spruce the place up. But in terms of content, I think I'm probably good.

Oh! One thing I actually really do like in terms of personal site content is having a /now page. It's a cute way to inject some personality into my site. It's also a landing page that I can send to my relatives to let them know what's going on with me. I highly recommend it.