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re: Factorio is still sitting in my Steam wish list. A bunch of years ago I read an article by someone (Mike Acton?) that said something to the effec...

I've heard of the Zachtronics games a few times, but have yet to really play them. I always thought Opus Magnum looked like a lot of fun. It's on sale today too, sold!

Might as well pick up Space Chem while I'm at it, though it looks a bit daunting :)


I found SpaceChem a bit easier than Opus, maybe I was just younger and had more time to burn though.

If they appeal to you, gave a look at Shenzen I/O, you have to program chips with constrained resources in a fake assembler. I found the difficulty curve quite staisfactory.

I'd never even looked that they have other games. Into the depths of my wish list they go! Thanks for the suggestions.

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