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re: I think the meme is perfect. In interviews anytime someone says they are a full stack developer I ask where their strengths are. If the tell me t...

What do you call each of these developers...

  • One with 5 years of exclusively back-end experience?
  • One with 5 years of exclusively front-end experience?
  • One with 5 years of exclusively front-end and 5 years of exclusively back-end?
  • One with 10 years working exclusively with front-end JS and SQL?

Sure, the term "full stack" is not accurate but what name is? Is "Software Engineer" or "Software Developer" any less ambiguous?


Those titles translate to:

  • Developer
  • Programmer
  • Engineer
  • Code Monkey

I think titles are fairly worthless. I've gone from analyst to lead to programmer to engineer to consultant etc etc. What I do never really changes, I just try to learn stuff and use the best tools I can within the constraints I am given. You like to call yourself a full stack developer, if I asked you that question: "Where are your strengths"? Would you say you are equally good at everything? Or could you specify and say, "I am competent full stack dev with this specific tech stack". That is a completely honest and accurate statement. The only point I was making is that no one knows everything, whether just front or back. Everyone has their own slice of the technical pie, and that is OK. If you are a competent developer then you can effectively learn anything if you need to, that's what matters. Not what you know but what you can learn, which is why I feel being humble about what you do know is so critical. Most devs I have ever interacted with that sell themselves as full stack, are more just full of themselves. (to be clear that isn't an accusation)

"Those titles translate to:

Code Monkey"

I don't understand your reasoning here. What makes a back-end dev a "developer" vs a front-end dev a "programmer"? Were you being facetious?

That was satire, the next sentence was "I think titles are fairly worthless". I was trying to make a point titles are arbitrary and have less to do with what you do and more with who you do it for.

Yes, humility and a willingness to fail is what I’m always writing about. A+ response. :)

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