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Discussion on: What are the big differences between working for a "tech company" and being a dev for a "non-tech company"

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Matt Graham • Edited

I've worked for both, and there are pros and cons to both.

Working for a tech company pushes you harder, to learn more and be better. I learned more in my job at a tech services/development company than I have anywhere else. The thing that sucked about that job was the hours (though my time at an ad agency was much worse) and the time away from my at-the-time new family.

I've worked mostly in non-tech companies. @ben as you said, it is a spectrum. I've worked as the sole dev in a large corporation, but also as part of small-to-medium sized tech teams inside of non-tech firms. I've also worked as a sole dev in a department of a large telecommunications company with many tech teams outside the department I've worked in. I find the non-tech companies (with a few exceptions) to have a better work-life balance.

When you're by yourself, and the people around you aren't so techy, they're amazed at the stuff you can do; or extremely frustrated when something that seems simple takes so long. When you're in a team, you can get the best of both worlds... you push each other to learn and be better devs.

Being a freelancer in the time of COVID, though, has been truly rough. Stuck in my basement, losing my sense of time/schedule, SO... MANY... ZOOM... MEETINGS.