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Discussion on: Top 5 Things NOT to Say in a Job Interview

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TheOnlyBeardedBeast • Edited

Point 1, they ask for it, I mean literally in every company they asked me how much I want, and at the beginning I was struggling with that, it is hard to define your value.

Point 2, It happened that they asked to explain my work, and I was happy to go through my github repo and explain what I did and why.

Point 3, true, but sometimes the company descriptions are so abstract that you really dont have clear view, anyway most of the times in the introduction they explain what the company aims and what it does.

Point 4, I am usually so in stress that I really cant think about questions, but I always tell them that "if anything comes to my mind I will contact you". Not the greatest answer but most of the times the interviews I had were around a hour with talking and company walkthrough and you know, really a lot of information at once.

Point 5, that should be basic.

Extra point, the interviewers know that you are a human being, and they usually threat you just like that, different personalities react differently, just be calm, be yourself and dont lie.