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re: What would you consider the most important things to mention and agree on if your going to partner with another developer or marketing person whom ...

The most important thing is to draft an agreement and sign it. Your payment will depend on the project. For gigs lasting less than a day, I typically bill the client the same day and expect the payment by the next day. For gigs that are a few days, I apply the same strategy. However, as the gigs get longer and longer, the risk is higher. I ask for 20-25% upfront payment. This might be possible most likely after you have established a reputation.

You should form a company and have everything drafted formally if you are serious about this. As for partnering with someone else, you need to know them well and they need to bring something to the table as well or it is a recipe for disaster. One more thing, have your project requirements clarified before accepting the project.


Thanks Nick, so would you mind if I try out your search engine for a little bit, test it out and give you some feedback later or your still working on it?

Hi Leslie! Thanks for offering to help. I had exposed a work-in-progress version of the search engine a few months ago to get feedback, but I got busy and couldn't keep up with updates as I originally intended to. Since it was costing quite a bit, I took it down until I could work on those updates. It's on my list of things to do and I'm hoping to revisit some of that in the next month. Ideally, I would like to just release it and keep updating it incrementally. However, I need to rethink some of the decisions I had made (a bit hastily to just push it out). I'll try to post something here once I push it out. Thanks!

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