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There was quite an overlap in that list amongst good managers. At the same time, I should have mentioned that I've had way more bad managers than good ones. At MSFT, for example, I had 22 managers in 7 years and only two of them were good (and possessed almost all the qualities I listed).


OMG. A new manager every 4 months? Did you change teams so frequently or managers moved that fast?

I didn't change teams. It was a mess! There were so many reasons why this happened.

  • Upper management changes resulted in typical reorgs

  • Upper management going after shiny new objects

  • Sometimes projects just didn't make sense to continue

  • Projects/teams lost funding

  • Teams merged / reorgs

  • Competitors failed in that space, so the project got tanked

  • Managers moved on due to differences with their managers

  • After teams merged, managers moved on because they didn't like the new team

This was quite typical at MSFT, especially in Bing as they were constantly trying to play catchup with Google. Throughout all of this, employees suffered, careers got destroyed, etc. Those who could play the game came out ahead.

In a couple of cases, projects lasted only 3 weeks. There were big teams put together and employees were given all these big redundant speeches by 7 managers up the chain that it got old so fast! I didn't trust a word any skip-level @#$ said after that.

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