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So I had a business that I had to shut down and put on hold due to health problem. For the longest time I have wanted to start my own business and create software more over write the software. I started going to school before I go out of the Army and in some instances took the courses twice.

I finally figured that I had enough knowledge and by then I had enough programs started but not finished that I could start up a company. So I setup an office in my garage and I also picked up myself a rolling server rack with a server in it. This is about the time when I started having issues with my PTSD.

But now that I have got some of my medical problems token care of I would be able to take on the task of running my own business again. But I have memory problems that make it difficult for me to remember quite a bit. So I have a library of books that I have to use as references for programming and data bases. Not only the library but I have to research and get ideas on how to do certain things. I am pretty sure I am not the only one out here with that issue. Lol

So I will hopefully be fully up and running about this time next year and or finishing up my schooling.
Phantom out.

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