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I made a bot that can solve multiple choice question from the picture

Hi Devs!

I am here again with another crazy stuff with Python.

Well, I tried to make an automation which can read a multiple-choice question from the picture and find the answer. It is a bit creepy but at least you can have some fun with it :) The main reason for making that was to pass my useless university exams.

I will publish the source code with explanations soon in DEV and Reverse Python.

You can watch the video from here: I made a bot which can solve exam questions from the picture

Hope you will like it :) Stay Connected!

Discussion (7)

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Jingles (Hong Jing)

I finished watching. Cool video and demo. Let us know when you can share your source code with us. I am interested to check it out.

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The Pylot Author

Thanks🙌 I will share it soon🚀

marketingexpert profile image

Hi i would love access to it

arshiamhm profile image

haha that was fun

aiinsights08 profile image

hi nice work..@coderasha i need some python work done. would you be interested.

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Mary Vorontsov

Hey! Would you be interested in a paid writing opportunity in your spare time? Please, ping me back if interested.

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This inspired me to do this