How to add Twitter Card Meta Tags to your Blog

Dan Vega on February 24, 2019

For those of you who haven't been reading my blog lately, I am in the middle of converting my website from WordPress over to a static site generato... [Read Full]
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I love this article and would want to see one on facebook.


Where on facebook are folks cross promoting dev.to articles?


Was asking you have something about facebook similar to the twitter card.

Nothing in a blog post but you just need to use the open graph tags.


This site confused me when I tried to implement this just go to the Facebook documentation it's pretty straightforward and simple


Awesome, thanks! The frontend side of me knew that this existed in some way or form (I'm sure Facebook and other sites have something similar) and what you've written here shows this clearly - thanks again!


Is there any advantages on using twitter meta tags instead of og tags?

I think og are interpreted by twitter too, so I'm curious to know if there is any extra advantages on using these specific ones


The card types do not directly match the OpenGraph ones - if you share an og:article, then Twitter will render a summary card, but not a summary_large_image card, so in that case you'd want to add the twitter:card type tag. However, you're right, in most cases the twitter: tags do map to og: equivalents, so you can keep the amount of markup to a minimum if you use the og: fallbacks in most cases.

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