Atom vs Visual Studio Code

I have been working with Atom to work on Go projects on Ubuntu. However, I recently came across Visual Studio Code. Both are flat out awesome!

I've been flip flopping between them, and I'm curious as to what others prefer

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I started out with Atom when I began coding, but now I use VS code. VS code is more developer oriented like the settings panel is in JSON! VS code also seems to be a tad bit faster, and that's what all the cool kids use!
(Mind F**k): VS code is made/managed by Microsoft, Atom is managed by Github. Github is bought by Microsoft ...

I was using Atom before; probably about 2 years ago, but there wasa bug that they allowed in their software that Microsoft's team addressed and that bug was looking my battery, so I switched and never looked back. I understand that bug is fixed now, but I'm no longer motivated to switch likei was when I was new.

With Microsoft buying GitHub, it would make sense to dump Atom support, focus exclusively on VSC and split the Atom team between those interested in Electron and those wanting to continue with VSC. I think Electron is just scratching the surface of what's possible and deserves more investment, which i believe could suit Microsoft strategically.

I used Atom but it had memory issue that time, Since then they have improved a lot but I switched to VS Code and never looked back!

I prefer to use Atom Git GUI interface for git stuff and vs-code for coding.

Atom is lately just left in dust by VS Code... IMHO it feels super laggy. In addition VS Code easy support for all possible languages and existing plugins makes it just different league than Atom

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