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re: Hi Becker, it's look so cool. You are using vim, right?

Neovim running in tmux, but yes, the image isn't very clear, it's such a high resolution that it's being resized a into a blurry mess, I'll post a better image when I can.

Lol, me too. I also use neovim too. It's terminal is quite good. I'v spend a lots of time to config my neovim to completely work with it for all work. At that time i do use deoplete to provide autocomplete for neovim. But i can't setting it up for all language i need so i have to use VSCode instead. I'll give it a try later. Anyway, vim is awesome. :D

For basic stuff, I'd recommend polyglot, it handles most things and has selective loading so it doesn't load highlighting for all languages.

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