Your favorite terminal ?

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Since you are developers, you definitely use terminal once (Or use it all the time :]]). So what's your favorite terminal, how it look like, how do you setting it up.

Here's mine...Simple terminal i use everyday.

I do use hyper instead of default terminal on macos or iterm2...Although it's a litle bit slower, but it's not the problem, cause it look so cool.

So what's your terminal look like, do you love using it everyday ? Please share it with me.

Btw, this is the theme i use (I use oh-my-zsh): Purity, oh-my-zsh themes

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i use git-bash because, um, didnt find better solution so far. as i like bash and like linux feel, but also i am Windows user, so most of time i use git bash inside PHPstorm “Terminal” function- it have tabs, but sometimes it freezes, print crap, and do not support right click copy and some character typing.
When using remote linuxes, KiTTy is my hero :)


Lol. i to love linux and it's termital too. But i have to do some design stuffs with PTS, AI...If else, i rather run only linux on my machine. Dual boot is not what i like so much :((


i get it, i am gamer, so windows rules :D what about using dedicated docker container? did you try?
but if you will be needing less, just use git-bash.. it is good for basic stuff, but unability to install packages is bad, but it gets job done :)

Yes, in window i use git-bash too. It's enough for most of my jobs :D. MS also have ubuntu migrate with an app in Microsoft Store. I'v tried it too, but after a few week, i rather use git-bash. Or install ubuntu as dual-boot OS :))

i tried bash on ubuntu on windows (crappy name) year and half ago and big red flag for me was fact it enforced windows line endings:
bash <some/file/on/host/
returned unexpected \r even file had linux endings is that better now?

Haha. i just tried it when it first release on ms store. Don't know if they'v improve it yet. I'll try it when i have time. :D

okay, i think not (because i know Microsoft) but, if yes... that would. be. great.

Yes, that's be great. :)) Btw, MS bought github. Almost everyone doesn't like it. And i don't really know what github will become in the future :((. Hope they don't mess it up and drop it like they used with other things they'v bought in the past :))

we will see... i just tried Debian on Windows... it is not bad, it has problem with bin/bash shebang, docker cannot be run (so docker for win still needed), i am not sure about portability, propably worse, but whatever... it is interesting


I think it's important to have an aesthetically pleasing terminal setup. Especially considering the amount of time I spend in them.

Windows: Hyper running Powershell
Linux: st running bash
MacOS: iTerm2 running bash

I use dark themes and some light transparency when possible.


Sound interesting, can you share a pic of your terminal in Linux or MacOS :D


This is my Current Terminal:

Current Terminal

I use the gruvbox color scheme and the Powerlevel9k prompt but I'm thinking of switching out to somthing lighter since I don't really use any of the features it provides.

I spent considerable time doing work on my config to speed things up, it's now got a load time between 0.7 - 1.2 seconds, not the best but not bad either.


Hi Becker, it's look so cool. You are using vim, right?


Neovim running in tmux, but yes, the image isn't very clear, it's such a high resolution that it's being resized a into a blurry mess, I'll post a better image when I can.

Lol, me too. I also use neovim too. It's terminal is quite good. I'v spend a lots of time to config my neovim to completely work with it for all work. At that time i do use deoplete to provide autocomplete for neovim. But i can't setting it up for all language i need so i have to use VSCode instead. I'll give it a try later. Anyway, vim is awesome. :D

For basic stuff, I'd recommend polyglot, it handles most things and has selective loading so it doesn't load highlighting for all languages.


cause it look so cool.

This is probably the least interesting part of a terminal, if you ask me...

Mine are the Hamilton C shell (Windows), followed by the PowerShell, and the tcsh (everywhere else).


Haha. You got it. I know a lot of terminal gosu who doesn't care about how terminal look like. As far as it done the job :D

I just like hyper and this setup cause i usually use it to take some clean picture. That's all. :)).

Can't use it with vim or other things :))

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