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Emulate Print Layout with Chrome DevTools

theroccob profile image Rocco Balsamo ・2 min read

Ever want to make your website look good in print layout? A lot of sites do it well, but others fall flat and you're stuck with tons of nasty headers when you go to print.

I know, I know, you're probably laughing at the thought of printing something, but I actually "print" stuff all the time when I want to save an article to PDF. does a pretty good job of removing headers and footers in print mode, so you can try this directly on this article.

Press ctrl + shift + i (or cmd + shift + i on Mac) to open up Chrome Developer Tools. Then select the shish kabob in the top right corner of the devtools window and select More Tools -> Rendering

alt text

Then scroll to the bottom and select "Emulate CSS Media" with "Print" in the pulldown.

alt text

That changes the view of the page from this:
alt text

To this:
alt text

Medium also does a good job at this. Check out this article:

Here it is without print emulation:
alt text

With print emulation:
alt text

Thanks for reading!

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