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React + Bootstrap = Easy Portfolio?

Every developer of any type all have one thing in common aside from being a programmer, having to make a portfolio! Portfolio's not only showcase your projects, but the website itself is great for showcasing the skill within the developer as well! With me being a React Developer mainly, I decided to build my portfolio with React + Bootstrap!

Why React?
The React framework is really good for the job I believe because of its ability to split each component and tackle it separately. Allowing the splits not only makes it easier to keep your code organized per component, but it will also make the JavaScript(if applicable) easier as well since its separated off into components!

function App() {
return (
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This is all the code you will need in the App component! Pretty simple! And for each component, just have those be a function component as well and insert your data!

After all of that is inserted you'll have the skeleton for your portfolio up in no time!

Why Bootstrap?
Styling pages can be really tricky with raw CSS so with my portfolio, I am styling with bootstrap! Using Codecademy's course, I learned bootstrap and started styling my pages in hours! Look at bootstrap as a predefined CSS sheet with classes already defined! This also makes your page responsive which is a highly desirable skill within development!

In Conclusion
I like how simple the process of using these resources to code an entire portfolio from scratch! I would highly recommend this for anyone who knows react, your learning and building something great at the same time!

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