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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle? Components!

This week I realized that one of the major keys of keeping a healthy environment is also one key to effective programming as well! Reusable components that are either made in a previous project or from just scratch will help your next project out a ton! Few examples will include but not limited to:

-Signup Component
Alt Text

-Login Component
Alt Text

Coding out this signup and login skeleton to be able to reuse made developing my e-commerce and fgc application 10x easier! Not having to worry about setting up the bare minimum event listeners and such made adding on what I needed a lot easier as controlled forms can be tricky!

Alt Text

The NavBar Skeleton is also very efficient as well! Can copy paste the line commented and add on as much needed to fit the needs of a traditional or complex NavBars!

Reusable components can go very long ways beyond just basic authentication and navigation bars! To be able to drop a component in from my computer definitely reduces the time needed to set a certain function up!

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William West
Rails/React/JS Software Engineer


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