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Here’s A List of Ideas to Get Started Learning Ionic 5!

We’ve all been there… Learning a new programming language (or even your first programming language) and you have all these ideas as to what you will make once you understand that language. Then that time comes along and you have completely forgotten all those great ideas that you thought about when you first began learning.

I’ve been there PLENTY of times, probably too many for me to count; however, when I was learning Ionic/Angular, I finally fixed that problem by actually writing them down!
Below I have added a list of ideas not just for me to build to improve my knowledge in Ionic but for you as well! If you have any more ideas I can add to this list, DM me on twitter by clicking here!

Note Taking App

I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person that without a to-do list, I’m all over the place and never actually know what I need to do. Which, over the years means I’ve stacked up MANY notebooks of to-do lists.
To kick this habit, I’ve tried using Google Keep, Making lists on an electronic notepad, and even Evernote. But each of them either does not everything I need in a task list or gets lost in all the other lists.

One way to solve this is by creating your OWN app. In my own example, I would keep the Notebook feature of Evernote, but add sticky notes at the top of the notebook that stays in the specific notebook that you create it in. I would even add a way for people to be able to share specific pages of a notebook and even add in a feature for task time estimations and completion statuses.

Pinterest App

This idea combines skills from many different places and brings them together into one main cool idea. For this to work, you need to combine the HTML, CSS specific styling to capture the masonry layout that catches anybody's eye when visiting Pinterest, the back-end service to send the app actual “Pins” to list inside the app, and Ionic to display it in a mobile-friendly fashion. Bonus points if you integrate Electron into it after you're done to make it able to be run from the desktop!

Netflix App

I’m pretty sure everyone reading this has at least binge-watched a show or two in their lifetime. If you haven't, you should try. It’d be a lot cooler if you did.

If you want to make the layout a lot different than what the basic Netflix app looks like, I would suggest searching “Netflix re-design” on Pinterest or Behance for some great ideas!

Tip Calculator App

We’ve all been there. We go out to eat with friends and everyone decides to pitch in for the tip. But it takes time to figure out what percentage of each persons’ meal cost relative to the total bill amount.
This would be another great opportunity to improve your skill in Ionic and any framework you choose to use with it (such as Angular, React, or Vue).
Local Tourist App

Popular App Re-design

We all have our own specific apps we like to use in our free time, and I challenge you to take your favorite app and see if you can re-design with possibly your own twist or additions!
If you would like to view my previously written articles or connect with me, visit my website by clicking here!

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