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The hidden gem of Perl advent calendars of 2020

We had advent calendars once again this year 😃
Yeah Kiss

There was the Perl advent calendar 2020 that was special this year since it was a "best of".

There was also the Raku advent calendar where I even contributed an article about performances, profiling and optimizations 😎

And the Twelve days of dancer 💃

I think there was no Mojolicious advent calendar this year (?!).

Except if I forgot one (please comment!) this is the list of Perl related advent calendars... But STOP! There was an hidden gem that traversed december while being relatively unnoticed.

Paul "Leonerd" Evans delivered a complete Perl advent calendar 2020 (alone! 😲)

To be honest, I discovered recently and haven't had time to read it, but I wanted to share the link 😁

The advent calendar discusses asynchronous control flow which is a very interesting but complex topic.

It's the second time he produced an advent calendar alone (see his Perl advent calendar in 2013).

I recognize the effort when it personally takes me a lot of time to write blog posts, maybe because I'm not an English native speaker, but also because it simply just takes a lot ot times to write blog posts.

This guy clearly deserves a medal.

Without mentioning that he is writing a core Perl feature blog serie and he pushed de-experimentalising "signatures" that was very well received.

And on top of that, he's a core Perl contributor.

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