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GitLanding: A beautiful landing page for your Github project in a matter of minutes.

Gitlanding helps you create a beautiful landing page for your GitHub projects in three simple steps:

Don't worry, you will be guided every step of the way with specific instruction for MacOS, Widows and Linux.

Setting up a GitLanding page is also a great practical introduction to GitHub Actions and GitHub page.


There is no shortage of website generators that enable the creation of decent-looking landing pages.
The problem, however, is that if your project grows you will eventually need to incorporate
features like internationalisation, routing, and other functionalities that your website generator
mat not be able to accommodate.

The approach of gitlanding is to provide a library of customisable React component
designed to be fitting budding blocks for a landing page.

This way your little landing page is a react project capable of growing into a more mature project if need be.

You can have both a landing page (e.g.: and a documentation website (e.g.:

For creating documentation website GitBook is better fit than Gitlanding. GitBook is free for open source
projects (you just need to issue a request).


Websites using gitlanding.

🚀 Quick start

Heads over to the documentation website 📙!


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