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Team Declaration

Team Name - Sherlock

Name Student ID Number Github Handle
Team Leader S.R.W.M.M.T.K.Ekanayake 2018CS049 @thiliniekanayake
Member 1 K.A.D.N.Nanayakkara 2018CS107 @dilininanayakkara
Member 2 R.M.D.S.Harishchandra 2018CS061 @harishchandra98
Member 3 G.R.N.Sankalani 2018CS151 @navodyasankalani

What we are building

As a developing country, some of Sri Lankan families still suffer from poverty.
Though there are so many charity programs are processing in current Sri Lanka, the ability to join such program as a volunteer or as a donor is difficult. So our project (Sherlockind) is a best platform where volunteers and donors bring together. Through this project (Sherlockind) volunteers and donors can gain charity projects easily in Sri Lanka.

How we built it

First we finalized the idea. Then we distributed workload among the team members. Finally we pushed all the work as one folder.


For an assignment while we searched through the internet one of our team member suddenly saw a picture of a helpless child. This incident paved the path to our project.

Link to Code


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