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React: React Fiber, React Gamekit, Serverless Architecture, and React Loadable

Video interviews with Sebastian Markbage, Ken Wheeler, James Kyle, Sophia Shoemaker

The React community has had a lot of excitement and innovation in the past few months. Some of these ideas and projects include React Fiber, React Gamekit, Serverless Architecture, and React Loadable. Updates in projects such as React Router are having a big impact on the community as well.

React + Serverless Architecture

Sophia Shoemaker Shares Info on Serverless Architecture and How She Started Her Journey with React

Servers used to be widely known for holding data and logic for applications. However, with React in the picture, a movement has emerged. These same components are now gravitating more towards the clients.

With this shift, came the idea of using Serverless architecture, coupled with Lambda, to create applications. Without monitoring, balancing, or tuning often involved when using servers to create apps, this method proved to be more efficient and better overall, in terms of user interaction.

To Sophia, React was the framework which allowed her to truly enhance her knowledge and understanding of javascript. Moreso than JQuery and Backbone, which she worked on for quite some time before deciding to look into other technologies. She explains the other benefits of React and how the future looks bright for this JS Library as it continues to improve.

React Music, React Gamekit, and Spectacle

Ken Wheeler Expresses His Love for Being Creative with React Projects

Ken Wheeler dives into the many projects he’s been involved with such as Spectacle, Slick Carousel, React Music, and React Gamekit. He touches on how he came up with Spectacle after using Keynote, and elaborates on the perks he gains from this creation.

React Gamekit, allows developers to build games using React or React Native. It opens up a parallel physics world that individuals can fully explore in, using characters of their own.

When asked about the many great things that have come out of React, Ken mentions Virtualized, React Hardware and React Native. He also shares a little bit about creating mobile-controlled weapons (which he finds a blast!) and also talks about how the React community holds some of the most friendly and innovative people.

React, React Loadable, and the React Community

James Kyle Talks React, React Loadable, and the Open Source Community

As a developer, there comes a time when your application becomes large enough, that you need to split it apart into different routes, and load them individually, asynchronously. React Loadable was written by James to do just that. By using the library, developers can break their code apart at the component level. James continues to build around this project, with the hopes of creating an application that can help deliver bundles more efficiently.

Being involved with so many javascript projects, James describes Open Source as being the one community he’s most passionate about. Being able to use OSS to deliver tools that people around the world can use to solve their problems is what keeps him driven. He also talks about a slight divide in the React vs. React Native, and how it’s important that people stay together. Being able to discover ways to collaborate and for everyone to gather around standards is valuable. And this can’t happen unless people are willing to work with one another in sharing solutions, to create solutions.

React Fiber and Web Assembly

Sebastian Markbage on The React Core Team, React Fiber and Web Assembly

Sebastian tells us the story of working at Facebook, working on data visualizations frameworks and looking at web solutions before getting into React. Once he discovered React, he started to use it for art and graphics. Sebastian describes his experience when React was first introduced to the JS community. There was a lot of criticism and disapproval in the beginning which died down once a greater ecosystem was built around the framework. To Sebastian, having an ecosystem and unification are vital when creating new technology.

React Fiber came into existence after a lot of experimentation with Facebook. He describes one of the key features of React Fiber being functionality — everything is async and immutable. One other project briefly discussed in the interview was ReactVR, and how it started.

Lastly, Sebastian is asked about his interest in Web Assembly and upcoming news to expect from React.


React continues to evolve and progress as the open source community and core team develops new ways to improve the library. Learn more about the React library here.

This article was co-written by *Trinh Kien and *Tracy Lee

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