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This Dot Labs Announces Free Training Courses for Developers

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Today, This Dot Labs is proud to announce the release of a collection of free training video resources for developers.

The first batch of this growing library includes five courses on contemporary web development subjects, all taught by working software engineers.

Topics include:

Creating an Enterprise Angular Application (2) (1)
“Creating an Enterprise Angular Application” by Pato Vargas

Google Cloud Functions and Firebase Scaling your apps for your needs (1)
“Google Cloud Functions and Firebase: Scaling your apps for your needs” by Katerina Skroumpelou

Authenticating Angular Applications using Auth0“Authenticating Angular Applications using Auth0” by Frederik Prijck

Introduction to Machine Learning“Introduction to Machine Learning” by Tracy King

Unit Testing NGRX“Unit Testing NGRX” by Frederik Prijck

This Dot is a company which focuses on keeping developers up to date with advancements in the web platform and providing teams with web platform expertise, using methods such as mentoring and training.

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Are these trainings still available and if so how can I sign up?!