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Remote JavaScript Workshops for Enterprise Teams - Unveiling This Dot Lab's New Training Service

Over the past few weeks, many teams have transitioned their developers to working from home, and leaders are looking for innovative ways to support and continue team growth despite new operational challenges.

We have put a lot of energy into thinking about how we can better serve our clients in the present working climate.

Since 2016, our clients have leveraged This Dot’s onsite trainings to upskill their developers, establish foundations for new projects, and promote engagement within their teams.

Today, we are proud to unveil a brand new catalog of remote JavaScript trainings for corporate teams.

Topics include a variety of web development technologies and concepts relevant to modern JavaScript engineering and range from introductory to advanced.

While custom trainings are available, our current catalogue includes:

ReactJS Trainings

ReactJS 101

Advanced React Architecture and Patterns

React Testing

React Hooks: Migration Strategies

Web Components Training

Web Components 101

Web Performance Training

Web Performance 101

GraphQL Trainings

GraphQL 101

GraphQL 201

GraphQL 301

VueJS Trainings

Vue 101

Vue 201

Testing in Vue

Angular Trainings

Angular 101

Angular Accessibility 101

Angular Accessibility 201

Advanced Angular Architecture and Patterns

Testing in Angular

NgRx Trainings

NgRx 101

NgRx 201

RxJS Training

RxJS 101

A11Y/Accessibility Training

Accessibility 101

Bazel Training

Bazel 101

To celebrate our launch, we are offering any remote trainings booked during April at 20% off! These trainings can be purchased and used anytime within the year.

If you are interested in learning more about how to leverage the talent and expertise of the This Dot Labs’ team and mentors, please reach out to us at

This Dot Labs is a modern web consultancy focused on helping companies realize their digital transformation efforts. For expert architectural guidance, training, or consulting in React, Angular, Vue, Web Components, GraphQL, Node, Bazel, or Polymer, visit

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