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MLH Local Hack Day 2021 Experience | Major League Hacking

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Everything was started with daily challenges & week-long challenges, and I've to say that the challenges aren't only
pro hackers friendly but also they were beginner-friendly.
And at the end of the day, My score was 12, and the Guild's(Rank 30th) score was around 18.

Day-2 to Day-3:

Still, I had the hope that we can make it nevertheless we were competing with the awesome hacker so I guess we did our best!
at the end of the day-3, My score was 32, and the Guild's score was around 64.

Day-4 to Day-5:

Now the Guild's score is not that high but we were planning to attend as many challenges as we can and at the end of the day we were around 132
(I know that is a really small number, But we're really proud that we have attended such an event by MLH).


Updating soon!🔜

Fun Facts😂

I don't know exactly which day it was but we shared our meals(I know that sounds weird, but we did it virtually),
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and also I have taken many sessions to teach my fellow hackers! Yeah, I enjoyed each moment!
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What I achieved:🤩

Learned Github, git, IntelliJ Idea, how to make a bot, etc.
Overcome the fear of attending Hackathons! I don't know why?
But I used to be afraid of Hackathon, like what I'll do, how I'll do, I don't know to communicate, and many more

Advice for everyone:😇

First, join the event then predict your stand! Afterward, work for it.

Pardon For My English😅

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