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Making a Form in Material UI with TextField and Button

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While working on my side project, I came across the need to have a form where some sort of text was given as input and when a button was clicked that input was captured and used in a subsequent API call. It turns out that the solution I went with was fairly easy to understand, but I wanted to make note of it either way.

Keep in mind that I am using Next.js/React and Material UI for this. The solution's code is below, but I will explain it first. I used a combination of React state and event listeners to accomplish this. First comes the form components themselves, a TextField and Button from Material UI. Next comes the state needed to hold onto the input given, which I just called textFieldInput. The TextField has an onChange event listener which captures anything that is given as input. I wrote a handler for this to simply update the textFieldInput state value with whatever is in the TextField. Next comes the onClick listener for the Button. Whenever that is clicked, I simply pull the value of textFieldInput out of the state and then I can use the current value that the user typed into the TextField. Voila.

class FormClass extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      textFieldInput: '',

    this.doSomethingWithInput = this.doSomethingWithInput.bind(this);
    this.handleTextFieldChange = this.handleTextFieldChange.bind(this);

  handleTextFieldChange(event) {

  doSomethingWithInput(event) {
    const {
      } = this.state;
    // Use textFieldInput

  render() {
        <TextField id="filled-basic" label="Email" variant="filled" onChange={(e) => this.handleTextFieldChange(e)} />
          startIcon={<AddIcon />}
          onClick={(e) => this.doSomethingWithInput(e)}
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