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Deploy to firebase without external action

My Workflow

This github action template allow you to deploy you react app to Firebase hosting without using external action.

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DIY Deployments

Yaml File or Link to Code

GitHub logo trthong95 / url-shortener

An url shortener built with Reactjs and hosted on Firebase

Simple URL Shortener Example

Build & Deploy

  • Shorten url then save the result to Firebase
  • Get the origin url then redirect to it

How to deploy this example ?

To deploy this example to firebase hosting please specify these 2 variables in github secret.

FIREBASE_CONFIG='{"apiKey": "","authDomain": "","databaseURL":"","projectId": "","storageBucket": "","messagingSenderId": "","appId": "","measurementId": ""}'

You can find these config in firebase document.

Firebase token

Firebase config object


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