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Hi Scott. Thanks for doing the AMA.

You came to Abstractions Con in Pittsburgh back in 2015. I went to the conference but missed your talk.

I've followed you about on Twitter and I remember, I am hoping correctly, that you mentioned taking a vacation and trying to reconcile the feeling that you may lose your house when you did with the fact that you now have that option without losing everything.

Have you been able to reconcile this? What would your advice be for people who have come from meager means to getting a developer or other tech job that affords you the luxury and privilege to do things like take a vacation?


It's hard and it never really goes away. I have some money but I also have issues with concerns around food security. So I save. A LOT. I spend very little and I shop at Goodwill/Thrift shops. I repair old computers and pay it forward and give them away.

And when I DO take a vacation (I am doing this soon) I remind myself every morning how AMAZING it is that I get to take a vacation and I EARNED IT. You did too!


I repair old computers and pay it forward and give them away.

That is awesome, and definitely something I want to do in the future. Would love to read more about that if you're willing to share.

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