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nevertheless, Tiffany coded: 2021 edition

last week i received my one-year badge on DEV and i realized it's been a whole year since i decided i wanted to learn how to code. my first post here was a #shecoded one, and i love it how my DEV anniversary will always mean a new reflection on my career development and a new post on #shecoded as well.

i like writing long, entertaining stories, but today i'm gonna be quick and do a little throwback.

so, one year ago i...

  • had just decided i wanted to learn Python
  • had a career producing videos and digital content
  • had something deeply missing in my life
  • was bored to death

and today i am...

  • studying for a degree as a back-end developer
  • looking for a full career change - sending my cv to every internship opening i see
  • overcharged with work-study-housework balance
  • learning how to cook (very, VERY) quick and healthy meals
  • lacking sleep and with a deeper coffee addiction (but i quitted smoking, so yay?)

switching careers is never easy - you have ALL the student responsibilities, plus ALL the freelancer worker responsibilities, plus ALL the household responsibilities.

am i exhausted as i have never been? hell yeah.
coding is a major part of my life right now? nope
studying for university sucks all of my time and enerdy? yup
do i want my bed right now? yes please

but nevertheless, i am coding - and i have never been happier :)

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