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Yes, I gave it a good proper thought ahead of time and went on a hunt mainly in hopes of finding 1:1 replacements. It's impossible :-/ I had to adjust and do things in a different way. The only things I work with which are available with the same feature set for Windows are:

The ones I used daily that do not map are:

  • Quiver - I had to switch all my stuff to individual markdown files. But that's not really a bad thing
  • iA Writer - they have a Windows 10 version but it's very bare bones early stages and I doubt it will ever reach the quality and feature set of the Mac OS X version.
  • iTerm2 - I couldn't find a good terminal emulator. Cmdr is probably the way to go though.
  • Pastebot - I replaced it with Clipboard Fusion - It's not as good in terms of running (custom) filters though, or I couldn't figure it out yet
  • Alfred - I found Ueli but it had two problems: 1. it was slow to start and not really responsive. 2. It started giving crash messages on startup.

At least there is Chocolatey as a suitable Windows replacement for Homebrew

I do not like Windows built-in mail and calendar clients. The calendar for example doesn't allow you to change the target calendar / target account of an existing event. Something that can be done with ease using Fantastical. I'm using em Client instead and I have to say I'm quite happy with it. It's quite customizable and does everything I need to do.

I've spent years building a stack that is as cross platform as humanly possible due to the nature of my work, def feel your pain on 1:1. Some alternatives for your consideration:

Conemu (mux and window manager)

Wox (lame Alfred)

Typora (newish, but I've liked it, prefer it for docs as it gets out of my way)

Vscode has continuously improving java support (and dozens of other languages) and starts fast for an electron app if you don't load it down with plugins. Good for small changes and quick inspection, as well as a better editor for most things. Also has a --wait flag for use with git and similar.

sublime is handsdown the best large file processor for Windows. It's the only tool I've found that will easily regex modify multiGB files on Windows (aside from grep|sed+awk, but ymmv on that wish wsl, as you've probably seen)

And as slow as it is, powershell can be made to feel a little more like zsh with a little wrenching. There's even a better package manager for it. In some use cases, I think it exceeds some of the Linux tools (curls better than curl in many cases, useful for scripted testing on the cheap)

And for what it's worth, cross compiling golang to windows is easy and functionally consistent. Roughly python, but better perf, and single file executables.

What are good alternatives to write many notes and snippets in markdown for Windows ?

Typora is good for generic notes, snippets. Also has built-in latex, mermaid, chartjs support

Vscode now has ootb support for markdown rendering

sublime is capable at this task with some configuration

Caret is an honorable mention, but isn't free.

Yes, I'm using Typora actually on Windows. It's closest in features to iA Writer for Mac. And I like the built-in code syntax highlighting. Neat feature. I will look into your other recommendations soon. Thanks!

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