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How to join the fun and get started with contributing to the umbraco community starter project/kit

Hacktoberfest is in town! By submitting 4 prs to open source projects tagged with #hacktoberfest you can earn the necessary credits to complete the challenge! As a bonus Umbraco is also taking part ... read all about it on the blog, if you have 1 approved PR on any of the repo's that are marked by HQ you earn the credits for some swag (or plant a tree :) )

Umbraco Community starter project/kit

Before october launched the idea of a community powered Umbraco v8 starter kit/project. We had/have discussions on the new Discussions feature of github and decided that we'll be building a site for a non profit org... So this project will be able to get used as inspiration or you can also deploy it for non profit orgs that are looking for an online presense...idea is that with a color palette picker we'll be able to change the look and feel to match the branding of the org.

Get started

Sounds good right? So how can you get going?

Fork, clone, and start contributing... you don't need VS if you are only interesed in design/frontend/docs

Here is an intro to the PR process on Github

Keeping your fork up to date

Also make sure to keep your fork up to date (so if other peoples pr get's merged, you also need that in your fork)


An design start has been made: a mobile view of the homepage.

Umbraco Community preview homepage mobile render

You can find preview render and the figma source file here:

There is a UI Kit with components :)

Design tasks are marked with "design" on the tracker:


Frontend is currently setup with gulp and tailwind. But you should be able to contribute without visual studio. So also on Mac.

You can find the markup in the markup folder.

Tasks will also be added to the issue tracker and marked with "design".


For this you'll need windows and visual studio. The solution can be found in the source folder and contains 3 projets (core, web, tests)

You just run the web project from vs and then from the backend (username/pw in readme) you first run a uSyn import to get everyting in sync!

Tasks are marked with backend (and go from easy to more challenging). Key is here to keep to the best practises...


And last but not least you can also write docs, those will be in the docs folder.

Now let's plant some trees!

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