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XML::Enc 0.06 Released

XML::Enc is written to be a generic Encryption/Decryption module for XML. While it does not currently support all of the requirements of it supports enough to encrypt and decrypt XML documents.

The trial version of Net::SAML2 0.54 uses XML:Enc to decrypt an EncryptedAssertion.

The latest version 0.06 is a minor version that simply increased the minimum required version of Crypt::AuthEnc::GCM to 0.062.

XML::Enc supports the following data encryption methods:

  1. tripledes-cbc
  2. aes128-cbc
  3. aes192-cbc
  4. aes256-cbc
  5. aes128-gcm
  6. aes192-gcm
  7. aes256-gcm

XML::Enc supports the following Key Transport encryption methods:

  1. rsa-1_5
  2. rsa-oaep-mgf1p

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