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Timur Catakli
Timur Catakli

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Looking for a Datagrid that does all these:

Show/Hide Columns
Custom Styling
Loading State/Indicator
Empty State Indicator (no records found)
Frozen Columns
Fixed Header
Row Selection
Save & Restore state
Filter Data
Column Sorting
Column Resizing
Column Reordering

Any ideas? Closest I found is react-table...

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Slickgrid is an excellent open source grid, especially for handling large volumes of data. It's capable of handling many of the requirements you list.

Although it's pretty old now, it's still in active development and there are various forks for ES6, Angular, Vue etc.

Here's some demo/example links

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Alexander Komarov • Edited has all these features except for Frozen Columns - but it can be added in further releases. If you need more features don't hesitate to create an issue on github