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Tín Phạm • Edited on

Contact page maybe is unnecessary. Just put anchor link to your email or phone number on About page.
set Container max-width is in 1200-1280px.
add some of your soft skills
Skills: divide it into 2 tabs: Technical Skills & Soft Skills.
+Technical Skills:

  • Programming Language: JS, HTML/CSS,...
  • Client-side: React,...
  • Server-side: NodeJS,...
  • Database: MongoDB,...
  • Soft Skills: Problem Solving,...

Latest Project: update it with an image, what how your project looks like

On Mobile Device:
About page isn't good
The texts on the navigation bar are too small

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Milena Martinez Caceres Author • Edited on

Hi thank you so much for your feedback 😊, for the latest projects I have a gif image running when the user hover over it but maybe is not that straight forward any ideas I could I make it more visible ? And thanks you so much for your suggestions again