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What do I build?

What do I build?

I think this is probably the largest sticking point for me. I look around and developers are producing really adventurous and ingenious ideas and I am left wondering 'well thats done, what can I do?'. For a long time, I kept thinking that I should not focus on creating things that are 'already done' but on 'something new'. I recently came across a quote that has snapped me out of this self-sabotaging and limiting bubble.

"It doesn't matter that it has already been done - you just need to do it better."

Keeping that in mind, I started to explore some ideas. The first place I thought to look was outwards -

'what are the problems in the world that I can fix'
That is a big question for a first project. So I decided to change tact and look inwards -
'what problem of mine can I fix?'
I realised that that excited me! It enables me to pick a problem that I am passionate about and (fingers crossed) will drive me to complete!

Watch this space!

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