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Getting Started with Sitecore JSS

Headless CMS has been trending for quite some time now, there is a lot of Headless CMS's out there, but most of them are API-first CMS's.

Sitecore Experience Platform is a DXP, and it comes with an SDK to build a Headless CMS.

I have put together some of the resources that I have created to get started with Headless Sitecore, and how you can utilize Sitecore JSS.

Here is are the Getting Started video, you can skip the boring intro and jump straight to the coding, and then I also demonstrate the personalization capabilities of Sitecore:

During the demo, I build a react application that works with Sitecore.

This blog series consists of 5 how-to steps:

  • Installing JSS
  • Connecting it Sitecore
  • Building an App
  • Deploying it to Sitecore
  • Deploying it to Netlify

And if you want some quick SitecoreJSS started kits here are few from my github:

Sitecore JSS also supports React Native, so you can build some cool apps that can be personalized.

The possibilities are endless, start with SPA, then PWA and even a mobile app.

Let me know your thoughts about Sitecore JSS.

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nickfuentes profile image
Nickolas Fuentes

Saw your intro to JSS video and found this. I hoping this will be a good solution to develop in instead of the traditional Sitecore ways before using these modern frameworks!

tmamedbekov profile image
Tony Mamedbekov

This will definitely give you more freedom

mbehtemam profile image
Mohammad Bagher Ehtemam

thank you , you did a great job, it's describe everything clear.