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Journey to a Full Stack Developer - ep. 1

Life, as they say, is a journey and a journey usually comes with unplanned, unexpected events. My life took a turn when I decided to take a coding boot camp, in opposition from my CS friend. One of the arguments from my friend was that the cost is not justified given the materials can be found online, for free. Being a good friend that I am, I listened and made up my mind... That is to keep going ahead with the boot camp and shelling out much of my savings.

The boot camp is taught by some of the most talented developers who will make you feel right at home. Though most of the time it does feel like watching Jeopardy and submerge yourself in answering the questions. After each class session, most of us are tired and I, personally, feel mostly confused of what just went on. I think my professor once mentioned javascript overload, which I mostly feel about coming out of each class.

My ultimate goal out of this boot camp is to run my own e commerce store. I know people may say, why do you need coding when you can get started very easily with a self hosted platform such as Shopify. Even with Shopify, where it's mostly built and templated for you to get a quick start, to stay competitive, websites will most of the time have a 3rd-party service to expand their out-of-the-box functionalities.

I'm grateful to have known many of classmates, teachers and TAs. Looking back at it, it now makes more sense to me why the coding community have so many open source projects because for many of us, it's a life style.

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What does "full stack" mean to you?