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Test your HTML/CSS knowledge with these 10 questions!

tomaszs2 profile image Tomasz Smykowski ・1 min read

Test your HTML/CSS knowledge! Answer these 10 questions:

  1. What CSS property is responsible for shadow?
  2. What property centers text inside a paragraph?
  3. What attribute and what value to set on a form to send it as POST request?
  4. How to enable textarea spell check?
  5. What attribute and value to set on an anchor to open a link in a new tab?
  6. What tag indicates a page is in UTF-8?
  7. How to set HTML page width to device width?
  8. In what tag page sidebar should be placed?
  9. How to center div content vertically?
  10. What CSS property will make text flow around a custom shape?

Answer below and write how many answers you did know. Later you can come back and enjoy your progress!

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