My pizza recipe

Tomek Poniatowicz on April 19, 2019

Everybody loves pizza, but not everyone knows how easy is to make one! Since it's Friday I decided to share with you my proven recipe for awesome p... [Read Full]
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here I am thinking this is some strange title for an even stranger coding approach. Turns out it’s actually a recipe. Great pizza btw :)


Man you killed me! 😆

I am originally from Napoli area, pizza fanatic too, there was a moment in my childhood I wasn’t eating anything but pizza!
I will share my recipes with you as soon as I am back from holidays!


It is undeniable that programming has taken a lot from the two oldest activities: cooking and construction.

I think that you bring this topic for spiritual enjoyment but I will make you some rare question that comes to my mind :

"Given that the programming process is like making the recipe... which would be then the equivalent step to 'baking' ? “


Javascript Pizza would be:

"When the dough is ready try to eat it. It is raw dough, but you'll use so much condiments that your guests would tell you: It tastes better than baked ones.

Every day there is a new condiments in the market, many of them taste the same. And you'll need a lot of time to master the art to combine them."



Python compiles in the moment of execution. That would be like this:

"When the dough is ready, you can start to eat. Once the knife touch the dough your piece, it will bake himself during the trajectory to your mouth.

In order to prevent your guests to eat bad pieces, the advice is that you put your friend called Jenkins to automatically cut the all the dough so you can see if the whole pizza is good before serving to the guests."



And what about scripting languages ? Running the all tests ?


And what would be a project dependency ? One ingredient ? Or one cooking tool ?

Which would be the "thermomix" of every stack ? Jenkins ?


I know this recipe and I can tell that it's amazing! Pizza turns out great. But I really have super huge problems with transporting pizza onto the baking stone. Any tips or videos on that?

Also, I believe I have the same pizza desk as shown on your picture :D


I am using a very simple pizza/bread shovel.

  • putting some flour on it before placing the pizza
  • gently blow a little bit of air "under" the pizza (like here)

This should make pizza slide off the shovel pretty easily :)


I've done these things (you mention them in your text as well). I was hoping for some protips :D But nevertheless, I will try to make some pizza during my vacations, because it was hundreds of times better than the best ones that you order.

Sorryyyy :( Maybe the dough is to wet or... honestly I don't know. Since I am using the shovel I have never had any problems with transporing a pizza onto the stone.

Yeah I think that it might be too wet. Plus it easily rips, so I think the problem lies there :(


What a beautiful pizza! I love Mozzarella di Bufala but toppings aside, I want a nice bubbly thick crust. I'll have to give your recipe a try.

We've actually used an outdoor grill with a pizza stone to achieve that really high heat without heating up the house.

Now I want pizza for dinner...


Outdoor grill is another option yes, I ate pizza made like that, but I have not yet made it myself. Soon though 🍕


Okay but you are forgetting something important: semolina.

A good pizza is one that you could hold with your hands, hence the semolina.

Semolina is technically a sugar, so it gives consistency to the dough.


Nice Tomek, this one came out awesome.
I too am using pizza stone and like you have said it is best to first bake the dough without the mozzarella it’s best.
Also I leave the dough anywhere from 24 to even 72 hours in the fridge for slow fermentation. This creates more light dough.


Nice recipe. Thanks for the hints for the baking process. So far, I had the problem that the dough was not totally just under the toppings, while the sides and the bottom were already fine. I know what to do.

As you let your dough rise for a full day, have you considered using sourdough instead of fresh yeast?


Not yet, but will definitely add it to my experiments list :)


Pretty much matches the pizza course I did last year. The only diff was that we added the salt last, after kneading a little, because of yeast. Also the water shouldn‘t be too warm.
And we added oil to the dough.
Could you provide a link to your pizza stone?


Instructions unclear. Wrote "Hello World!" on pizza.


This is perfect. You're proving what you say in your description, my friend.


Always a fan of margherita looks delicious!! Have a fav place I go to in Atlanta...will likely be hitting the place up tomorrow (assuming they're open) :-)


if I ever get my own house, I'll try it. 6 years left

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