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how to take a screenshot of your Selenium test with Python

One thing you will want to do is save a screenshot from your Selenium test. You can use the image as an artifact to prove a test is passing or failing. An image of your test can also prove useful for debugging things visually.

from selenium import webdriver

driver = None
    cpath = "e:\\projects\\sel\\chromedriver.exe" # note 1
    driver = webdriver.Chrome(cpath)
    driver.save_screenshot("google.png") # note 2
    if driver is not None:
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Note 1 - I have my chromedriver.exe in the directory "e:\projects\sel", you will need to change this value to match where chromedriver.exe is located on disk.

Note 2 - This is the line where the image is generated. The name of the image is passed to the function in this case I named the image "google.png." You can choose any name you like.

The image format used is PNG (portable network graphics)

The one thing to note that this picture will be "above the fold" and not a full page image.

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