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Tony Colston
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lovely article about the web of documents

This article/opinion piece is great.

It is interested that we have indeed ended up with a web of applications that look like documents.

Not that I think this is a good idea but it would be nice to have a web of PDFs instead of what we have. Or something like a PDF that is more or less fixed. You would have to take out the scripting options from PDF so that it would not morph into a web of PDF applications.

Or maybe a web of static/JAM sites.

It would be fun to have a set of sites that do use these ideas. And have them linked. In the early days of the web I think that concept was called a "web ring." I doubt any still remembers it... :(

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laserblue • Edited

Web rings were very linear and a lot like following a path through a forest with no idea what would be next but knowing only that it would be related to the other Web sites. At least with a search list of links one can see info on more than one site at a time.
I would even prefer a visual topic model/mindmap UI such as found in or Brain.
Amazon links one to related books that is close to being a Web ring but Arxiv doesn't even have topic folders with human readable thumbnails or title lists.

NOET research application for the humanities

James Burke's Knowledge Web

Engines for Education Hyperbook


Padlet on Education


Pinterest Board on Education

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Tony Colston

That is a great idea. A mindmap like GUI instead of a webring.

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Daniel Janus

Author here, thanks for recognition!

I'd have reposted it here but, with all the due respect, is an application, not a collection of documents.

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Tony Colston

Heh. Super cool you commented.... and yup you are right. :) :) :)