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Tony Colston
Tony Colston

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too many things to learn

Recently while struggling and failing to get Ansible to bend to my will. I thought to myself. There are too many things to learn.

I know how to admin a server. I know how to do each thing I was trying to get Ansible to do... but yet I could not get it to do what I wanted.

I finally gave up. The abstraction was too much. I wanted to get finished. So I did some of it by hand and some with fabric (which is a lot easier than Ansible).

No real lesson here. I have programmed for many years. I have worked in tech for many years. And sometimes even I run into things that I cannot figure out. Our business is mentally draining sometimes.

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Corey McCarty

The new shiny things can be quite frustrating when you know that you can get the thing done in another way.