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Discussion on: Windows and Linux: A Sane Discussion

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Tony Hicks

I'm a .NET developer for the most part. I also play games. I've tried this on Linux and have had a good experience but found that I really missed Visual Studio and (many, not all) games still seem to be problematic on Linux.

I think Linux is a better operating system in general. It's so much lighter and more configurable than Windows and at least one can change the desktop environment if need be. I really don't understand what Microsoft has done with the UI in Windows 10. All the older (and more powerful) interfaces are there but often hidden and the newer ones sometimes have specific functionality for Windows 10 specific config that you need to use. It's just a bit of a mess if you ask me.

The command line in Linux is king. I've used PowerShell quite a bit but I still prefer bash. It's a much richer environment in that you have more tools, the syntax is less verbose and I just find it more intuitive.

Also, the support for Docker in Windows is there but I have had some issues since it's basically just starting up a Hyper-V instance in the background and then sending your commands remotely to it. After having installed and deleted a few containers on my old work PC, I ran into a problem that it completely filled up my hard drive with strange files and I had no permission to delete them... I managed to fix it, but I now install docker on my windows PC's with some trepidation because of it.

I've also noticed strange background processes on my PC. I'll be doing something quite trivial and I can hear my laptop going super saiyan (Fan gets really loud, CPU 100%). Whenever I open up task manager to see what it is, it's always a myriad of Windows services doing who knows what. I find that frustrating and it's happened on a few laptops. I swear, sometimes it even stops just after I open Task Manager...

As a server, if there are no issues with legacy applications, I would much rather use Linux. All the amazing tools like Docker and Kubernetes run natively and the OS itself is more performant.

I understand the hate that Microsoft got in the past. It made a lot of big mistakes in the industry but I guess they were one of the first software-driven corporations to have such a huge impact on the business world as they did, so mistakes were bound to be made. After all, software is a different type of business compared to traditional goods. They also did some unethical things, but what big corporation doesn't?
A lot of people still hate everything they make though which is a shame since they make a lot of really great stuff, for example:

  • Azure Devops
  • Visual Studio
  • VS Code
  • SQL Server
  • C#
  • .NET Core
  • One Note

I wish I could include Windows on that list, but in good conscience I just cannot :-)

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