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Discussion on: UseReducer With Typescript

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Torben Rahbek Koch

You may want to look into discriminated unions :

The syntax is, I think, somewhat clunky, but the idea is that you start out with an enum with your action types:

enum Kind {
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Then the actual discriminated union with whatever data each action type needs:

type Action = {
    kind : Kind.ShowAll
    payload : boolean
| {
    kind : Kind.SetStatus
    index : number
    status : string
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In your reducer you can now switch on kind:

function stepsReducer(steps: IFormStep[], action: Action) {
    switch (action.Kind)
        case Kind.ShowAll:
            // You can now access action.payload  and do whatever...
         case Kind.SetStatus:
             // You can now access action.index and action.status
              // This mostly seems like black magic to me, but it has the compiler
              // warn when you have NOT switched on ALL action types:
              const _exhaustiveCheck: never = action;
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It is fairly elegant, although perhaps a bit convoluted, but you have the compiler help you out quite bit :)

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Stephen Charles Weiss Author

Very nice! Thank you!