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Nevertheless, Tori Coded

I continued to code in 2019 because...

I was determined to finish the online software engineering bootcamp I had started in April 2018. My original plan was to complete it in October, but due to a few different set backs, it had taken longer than expected. Nevertheless, I kept pushing through and remained optimistic.

I deserve credit for...

completing my bootcamp in early February 2019 after overcoming those aforementioned set backs. I have also been participating in the #100DaysOfCode challenge, and I've honestly been impressed with myself for how dedicated I have been to it. I love how much I've learned and accomplished through the first half of the challenge.

I have also recently begun the daunting chapter of job searching, which I am determined to remain positive through no matter what happens along the way. I can't even explain my excitement to start my first job as a software engineer. Making the very scary change to this career path from my previous one (athletic training), has been one of the greatest and most personally rewarding things I've done to date.

I hope to see my tech community...

continuing to thrive and to always be kind to one another. One thing I've noticed about the tech community, on Twitter specifically, is that not every one is kind to one another. When I say this, I don't mean that people are disagreeing with other people, I mean people are outright calling each other names and being intentionally cruel. While I have not experienced this cruelty directly, I hope to see it occur less and less within the community.

I just want to remind everyone...

that there are REAL people on the other end of your directed comments online. Just because you can't physically see the damage you cause, doesn't mean it isn't happening. Strive to be kind, we are a community, a family. ❤️

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