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Laszlo Toth


I am a new member of Ok, I already checked it a few times in my past months but I never felt "strong" enough to register and actually be active.
However I registered because I wanted to find a community while I am learning and develop my programming skills( in my case it is Android from an online course - I am not sure shall I name it?!).
After I read your "old" post, I decided I will look at the Welcome thread and comment other newcomers post. Second, I wanted to say thank you to you. It helped me leave behind my shadow, and make commitment ( like learn everyday, practice and share information). Also, I didn't even think about staff (profile) in my early stage,but when I looked at it I found daily challenge, some more interesting posts etc. Now I feel I found many new things and I want to be a part of everything :)

Have a good day

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Arik Author

Wow. This just gave me goosebumps. Thanks so much for this nice comment. And allow me to extend a warm welcome to our community. I'm sure this community will be of great service to you in many ways to develop and grow as a programmer.

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Laszlo Toth

Thank you, it is very kind of you! I didn't expect such a quick reply from anyone, That's great.

I just started to edit my profile. And I consider to write some information on my profile everywhere else like Stackoverflow,github, reddit. (They all new accounts as well)

You know I quit from Uni when I actually failed there and wasn't motivated.(2015) But now my feelings are like a bear who woke up from winter :D
And I am hungry to know everything.

If there is anything what a new member should know/aware of then please let me know :)
Probably you figured out, I enjoyed the article and encouraged me to look around

Thank you for that again.