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How we're Shaping Up

Justin Jackson
I’ve been working in SaaS since 2008. I was the Product Manager at Sprintly and Mailout, and have consulted for startups in London, San Francisco, and Portland. I help software devs with marketing.
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Justin and Jon have started the process of implementing Shape Up.

  • Lots of folks feel like it’d be hard to implement in their team
    • "This would be hard at my agency."
    • “What about feature requests? Is the idea that you also don't write those down?”
    • “Hmm no backlogs? Maybe I am not understanding some backstory/context? Where do they put ideas, comments, quick bits that they might look at later on”
  • Some backlash against the “cult of Basecamp”
  • But the majority of folks were really interested in Jason’s approach.
  • See how our first "shaping" experiment went.

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