Coding w/ Music

traylorboy profile image Marques Traylor ・1 min read

Music always gets me in the mood to wire in and block out my surroundings, focusing on the code in front of me with the tunes as my auditory guide.

Although it may distract you as well, if you are the type that can get past that then you may find it a rather comforting addition to your environment while you're grinding away. It's like listening to music while studying!

A couple songs I love to start out with when I open VS Code are:



Any and all recommendations for new tunes to code to are welcome!


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Fernando B 🚀

Usually when I'm coding something I'm comfortable with I can listen to anything, if I need concentration I need non vocal music. If I really really need to focus just silent with my noise canceling headphones.

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Marques Traylor Author

Yeah I agree, I definitely need complete silence when I am learning something new like reading documentation for a library, language, etc.. and I actually got distracted lip syncing to a song while replying haha had to put on edm!