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Discussion on: 10 tips for beginner developers - things I learned by mentoring interns

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Blake Stansell

All great points. #1 is extremely relevant to absolute beginners. When I first started, it was "obviously I need to learn HTML/CSS". Then you want to make interactive areas, so JavaScript is a must. "You know, I'd like to have an email list on my personal site", so here comes NodeJS/Express/SQL. "Everybody seems to be using GitHub, better learn Git."

And once you get a little bit of momentum, "hey if I knew Wordpress well enough I could maybe make some money doing this!" So here comes Wordpress/PHP.

It takes real discipline to pick a technology/language and stick to it until you know it well.

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Thanks for your kind words!
I get you. When learning FE Javascript, I was torn between different libraries. Then I needed to learn Node, but again, so much new knowledge that in the end, I didn't understand neither FE nor Node properly.

I guess if you know one thing well, including the fundamentals, learning other technologies become easier too.