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You should talk to sites like Netlify, and as well. If you want this to become an ecosystem, you want to be inclusive, and likely federated in some way.

Also reach out to which offers a really compelling alternative to medium blog posting, which also offers image hosting via and posts to Mastodon. They are doing great work in this area.

I should be able to do anything from write a one off message and have it go to Mastodon, Twitter, etc. and write up a longer form message which could be a blog post that goes to sites like, and then write even longer tutorials that post to sites like and ... Perhaps I write up a CodePen snippet, or a project, or a mini site through Glitch. These should flow through the system as well.

And say I want to roll up all my posts and make a book out of it. I should be able to connect to and auto publish to Gumroad and Amazon.

Think bigger than just blogs.


Yeah, I think this ends up being a question of finding the right tools for the job, having them be accessible and easy to use, and supporting open source.

We have friends at Glitch and and CodePen and are already starting to integrate in different concepts. Finding ways to collaborate in super aligned ways is not always the simplest thing to pull off but I think we're pretty aligned with the essence of what you're describing.

This was one interesting thing we've done and we would like to integrate more. The endgame is unclear, but we don't want to try and create sprawling universal tools that try to do everything.

Blogging is an extensible concept, and we definitely want to ultimately doing more exciting things on top of it.


Yes, taking the attitude of the early web where things were loosely connected is a good one. Having feeds that can be consumed. Web hooks. PubSub hooks, and rest / graphql apis would be another route to making bridges to other domains. I can write code in github and Netlify auto pushes a new site out via Hugo. I could see writing a blog post in Github/Gitlab and having it auto push to , etc.

Good luck! The fate of the internet is in your hands. Free us from the social network black holes :)

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