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Myrna Ramirez
Myrna Ramirez

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Nevertheless, Myrna Coded

I continue to code because...

I love the feeling of creating something. These thoughts are in my head and I convert my thoughts into the language of code and Voila! There is something that I myself created!

I recently overcame...

A situation at work where my lead developer called me out on a page that wasn't working. I asked my mentor to help me understand the error and he was compassionate in my struggle. It's easy to go into Imposter Syndrome but telling my mentor about my concern and asking for his help was critical for me to overcome the feeling. Nevertheless, I Coded!

I want to brag about...

How I'm becoming the integration queen. I love using apis!

My advice for allies to support women and non-binary folks who code is....

Continue learning, studying, writing, coding. Don't stop! We (the world) need you to show everyone that women can succeed in this career!

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